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All Inclusive
up to 300 Choices
John and Dawn Miller - Travel and Cruise Agents

845-523-4500 - 919-400-9500 -800-407-2033
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All Inclusives
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Greater Vacations

All Inclusive Resorts



We love to give you the best Vacations at all locations. We can get you anywhere at the push of a button. We ask questions first because we have to know your likes and dislikes such as if you cant stand humidity we wont send you to the rain forest. This info helps to build a great experience for you. We get back to you with 2-3 options and send a video to your Email so you can see where you are going. We let you decide what you want from a vacation and then help you all the way
We have all destinations when it come to All Incluse Resorts. We speak to you first, Get some Ideas and then we search unless you know where you want to go. Punta Cana, Mexico, Aruba, Bahamas, Costa Rico, Puerto Vallarta, Los Cabos and many more out there and we put it into a packaged price which includes flights, taxes and fees into one lump sum. We send many people to many resorts and we sell nothing less than a 4 star resort,, We want you to enjoy your stay

Ocean Cruises

River Cruises



We have been on many Cruises and continue to go as we love the All Included approach. Cruises are all over the place and some of the choices are Bermuda, Caribbeans, Canada, St.Thomas, San Juan, Panama Canal, Alaska, Europe. Every ship is different with Live entertainment, Shows, Games and more plus pools, spas,. Call us and tell us where you would like to go and we will get you there
River Cruising is built differently to navigate closer to lands and ports to really give you a closer look of the land, culture, history and scenary. We have many of these type of cruises right here in America or you can wander off to other countries to see the world. Longboats, smaller ships, steamboats cruise the rivers at a slower pace giving you a endless view of the beauty the country and world has to offer. Relax and enjoy

So you can book your own Vacation but why should you when the price would be the same or lower and you have the reassurance that everything is taken care of and we relieve you of the worries, the aggravation, mistakes and at the same time we look to work within your budget, Plus we visited most of the places before or can connect with someone who has. - We charge no additional fees to help you

Let Us Book your next Vacation Today
We want to get you the best in Vacations and we have the Resources to deliver the Total Package for you. We are Linked to over 4000 Travel Partners which can provide the answers to any Question that you may have and we have Great Purchasing power to give Competitive Rates to everyone. We are committed to our Clients and our Passion for Travel exceeds all your wishes and dreams.  Call us Today
You want to Travel ? There is so much to search for and you can spend hours and still not connect the dots of a planned Vacation. We connect everything together for you. We give you personal service, Charge the same price as any online source, and never charge you any fees to help you book your vacation. Call us for the latest in Destinations and we can get you there
800-407-2033  or  845-523-4500

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All Inclusive Vacations starting @ $599.00 per person
Cruises starting @ $249.00 per person
Most of our transactions are done by Email and Phone. You can live anywhere in the United States and we can still give you the help you need with your travels. We would like to have you know who is on the other end of the phone. We want you to know who John and Dawn Miller is and to know we have a passion to travel and to sell travel. The happiest job in the world
John and Dawn Miller
Travel Agents and Cruise Consultants




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